Costs vary according to the complexity of your project and how much post-processing or editing work you want us to do; for example, delivering raw video footage is cheaper than having us edit your footage into a finished video complete with music and captions.

We charge by the day for time spent on site. Our standard on-site rate is £500 for each full day (up to 8 hours) or £300 for a half-day. For stills photography, this charge includes all basic post-processing work after the photography is completed and a final selection of images is agreed. Extended assignments requiring several visits to a location or to several locations will qualify for reduced ‘Project Rates’.

The following services are not included in our on-site rate, and will incur extra charges:

  • Advanced still image post-processing such as the addition of captions or overlays.
  • Extra video editing such as fades, titling, and/or music.
  • Creation of large multi-exposure images, such as 360° panoramas.

We will prepare an individual quote in advance for your project, and we shall be pleased to discuss your exact requirements.



To talk to us about how we can help with your project, please email or call us.