We provide high-quality, affordable low-altitude aerial photography and video services for private and commercial clients, including:

  • The construction industry
  • Planning and development services
  • Estate agents and property sales
  • Hotels and holiday cottages
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Surveying and building maintenance
  • Archaeological and historical site surveys
  • The leisure industry

Our UAVs are able to fly right down to ground level to get close to the subject, so we can find exactly the right view and the perspective you want, to show off your property or project to its best advantage.

To give you sharp, high-quality professional photographs and video, we use digital SLR cameras with up to 36MP resolution for stills photography and Full-HD video capability. We use Zeiss and Nikon SLR lenses for maximum image quality.

For video assignments, we mount our cameras on a professional-grade three-axis camera gimbal to provide the ultimate in smooth video footage.

If for any reason we are unable to fly our UAVs at your site due to airspace restrictions or safety considerations, we will use one of our remotely-controlled digital SLR camera on a 12.5m (40ft) telescopic mast system.

When you choose us you'll receive a complete package of photographic services. Following an initial meeting with you to review and understand your needs, we will perform a short site survey before carrying out your assignment.

We post-process all images to ensure the highest possible picture quality.

All our rates for aerial photography and video include basic post-processing work and delivery of images on either CD, DVD, BluRay, USB memory stick, or to a cloud service such as Dropbox. Images are usually supplied as high-definition JPEG or TIFF files. Video will be supplied in the format of your choice up to 1080p definition.


UAV Aerial Surveying

We also provide a UAV Aerial Surveying service, with full digital photogrammetric processing. Using our UAVs we can offer significant time- and cost-saving advantages over either traditional ground-based surveys or aerial surveys using conventional aircraft, to produce digital surface models, digital contour maps, and orthophotos. Please visit our specialist UAV aerial survey website for more information.